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Welcome! I pray that God will use the Bible studies and readings presented here to deepen your wisdom and understanding of who jesus really is, because many people and many churches in our time have a distorted view of God, Jesus, and the Bible.

"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." (Proverbs 9:10)
7 Things We MisunderstandPDF VersionPrintable Booklet
Aimed at the typical modern-day church or church member, this short booklet addresses misconceptions we have about God, Jesus, salvation, church, and the Bible.

Through the Bible in 180 DaysPDF VersionPrintable Booklet
This booklet contains 180 short Bible lessons for anyone who desires to learn more about how the whole Bible fits together as a single, unfolding story. It is particularly geared toward young children or new believers.
Brief 2-Page Resources
Big Truths from the Beginning
Jesus taught that Genesis is true history, and many important truths are contained within the beginning chapters of the Bible.

Is Jesus Eternal? Is Hell Eternal?
This is for Jehovah's Witnesses who have been misled with regard to the eternality of Jesus and the reality of Hell.
Facts About Abortion
Abortion is not what those in the "pro-choice" movement want you to believe.

Importance of the Reformation
Did you know that it was once illegal to own a Bible in the common language?

10 Ps to Ponder
See 10 things we need to know about God and the Bible that begin with the letter P.
Science and the Bible
The Bible and true science do not contradict each other, though schools generally teach otherwise.

God's Purpose for Israel
This is a brief study of Romans 9-10, a portion of Scripture that is poorly understood.
Year-Long Bible Studies
The True Jesus
There are a lot of misconceptions about who Jesus truly is. As God, He did not take sin as lightly as we often do. This year-long study goes through the four Gospels, discussing points along the way to show who Jesus really is, what He came to do, and who He came to save.
All About Jesus
Full VersionCommentaryVerse List
The storyline of the entire Bible, including the Old Testament, points to the Savior, Jesus Christ. This year-long study looks at many Old Testament passages to see a foreshadowing of Christ. Sometimes, the preincarnate Christ is actually present.
Verses of the Day
This simple outline gives you 4 Bible verses to read each day, with a focus on attributes of God and actions or prayers for believers.
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